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Light Up Wands, Balls, Swords - Wholesale Light Up Products

We carry a wide selection of Light Up Wands, including LED Foam Sticks, Fiber Optic Wands, Butterfly Wand, Blinking Hand Clappers, Spinning Balls wands, etc. They all have multiple colors of lights built-it to emit an array of colors and can flash in multi-colors. The light up foam sticks are one of the hottest light up party favors today and a huge success for many customers. They are a big hit for cheering events, bat mitzvah party, dances, Boy Scout and Girl Scout, etc. Kids, teens and adults all love them and use them like light sabers to fight for fun.

Give girls light up wands and boys light up swords. Both the wands and swords can be used for stage performance as the light is bright enough to be seen well in the dark. Sell them at fundraising events and because of their big size, colorful lights and fun design they will sell so well that you want to order again for your next party!

Wanted to get wholesale case pricing on bulk quantity wholesale light up wands and swords? Give us a call for our wholesale prices and also tips and advice on event planning.  


LED Foam Sticks

LED Butterfly Wand

Noisemaking Clappers

 LED Tambourine

Disco Ball Swords

LED Bubble Gun

LED Bubble Gun

Promotional Foam Sticks

Fun Party Packages!

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LED Head Wear 
   Sequin Fedora
   Noodle Headband  
   Bow Headband
   Flashing Mohawk
   Flashing Hair Braids
   LED Devil Horn
LED Face Wear
   Light Up Sunglasses
   LED Pacifier Necklaces
   Flashing Mouth Piece
   Clip On Pin/Earrings
Hand & Neck Wear
   Light Up Rings
   Finger Lights
   LED Gloves
   Light Up Wristbands
   LED Tube Necklaces
LED Wands
   LED Foam Sticks
   LED Butterfly Wand
   Noisemaking Clappers
   LED Tambourine
LED Swords & Guns
   Disco Ball Sword
   LED Bubble Gun
LED Glasses/Ice Cubes
   Light Up Martini
   Light Up Wine
   Light Up Cola Cups
   LED Pilsner Glasses
   Light Up Shot Glasses
   Light Up Ice Cube
LED Decorations
   Light Up Balloons
   Multi-Color LED Candle 
   Light Up Centerpiece


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