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6" Glow Sticks 15 mm Diameter Bulk Packed


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Glow With Us® is the superior brand of glow sticks in the U.S. market. Bulk packed with 25 sticks per bag and 500 sticks per case, it saves time in opening and removing individual packaging. To protect shelf life of glow stick from light and heat, bulk glow sticks are professionally packed in foil bags. We maintain a large inventory and can provide a less than 4-hour turnaround for all bulk glow sticks orders.

6” glow sticks are a staple for Halloween and July 4th and they are great party favor and décor for just any night time fun!  People love them for birthday parties, summer festivals, raving, concerts, bonfire dancing, etc.  They are beautiful décor for food platters, centerpieces, flower arrangements, tables, gardens and patios. You can make unique glow-in-the-dark signs. Give each kid a glow stick so adult can keep an eye on them running around after sunset.  

Each 6” glow stick has a hook and hole at the top and comes with lanyard for wearing so you can wear them for hands-free fun. There are so many great colors to choose from and assorted colors are the best-seller to light up your nighttime event! They are very bright, especially green and yellow and 6” glow sticks are used for camping, night sports outdoor, night runs, 5K’s and even scuba diving.  They are easy to carry and reliable. No outside power is needed and with just a snap and they start to glow brightly immediately.  

Glow with Us® glow sticks are made with high quality standards, no dyed plastics, leaking free and products are non-toxic and non-flammable. 6” glow sticks can be personalized with your logo imprinted. Contact us today for our bulk glow stick wholesale prices.  Discounts on bulk quantity are available to large vendors, organizations, businesses and general public. Whether you are a vendor searching for the best deal, or a concert organizer using bulk glow sticks as give-away to energized audience, we have the products you need. 

Custom Imprint: see details

  Product Dimensions   Length: 6 inches (152 mm)
  Diameter: 5/8 inch (15 mm), can stand up.

  Available Colors

  Assorted, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange,
  Purple & White


  Bulk packed, 25 sticks/bags, 4 bags/box, 500 sticks/case
  Each glow stick comes with a string for attaching

  Glowing Duration

  At least 12-14 hrs. 6" White Glow Sticks, which are made
  through a slightly different process, glow 6-8 hours.

  Shelf Life

  2 years


Simply bend glow sticks just enough to break the internal glass tube. Shake to mix the chemicals well for full glow.

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