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Still need help? Contact us at 714.312.0088 or service@glowwithus.com and we will be glad to assist you!


Are the bonus FREE 8" assorted glow bracelets shipped together with my order or separately?  

To save shipping cost, the bonus FREE 8" assorted glow bracelets are shipped together with each qualifying order. We have been running this promotion for a few years now and there were only a couple times that we forgot to pack the FREE glow sticks with the order and after we found out they were missed, we immediately shipped the FREE sticks to the customer. The rest of times they were all shipped together with the order.    Back to Top


Is my transaction safe and how can I verify security?   

At GlowWithUs.com, all information you provide during checking out process is encrypted for your protection. The order checking out pages are served through a secure https connection using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which provides the highest level of security available on the internet. You can verify that by checking the checking out pages. Here is how: after you enter checking out pages, verifying the website address (or URL) field, the "http" will change to "https", with the "s" stands for security. This means all your personal data, including your name, address, credit card information, phone numbers, etc, is encrypted during the checking out process and can only be read by our Customer Service Department. We guarantee that when you place an order with us, all your personal information will be kept safe and private.   Back to Top


How is my privacy protected?

We do not provide any information regarding our customers to any third parties. 

GlowWithUs.com is committed to providing our customers with a secure and pleasant online shopping experience and maintaining their privacy. Information collected through our web site or by phone, fax, email or mail is collected and used solely by GlowWithUs.com for your transactions. GlowWithUs.com does not collect any personal information about customers and/or visitors to our online store except when provided by them. As our customers and visitors, you are rest assured that all information provided by you is kept safe and secure with us.   Back to Top


What are my payment options?   

For online orders, Paypal and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. For orders received by phone, fax, mail or email, in addition to credit cards and Paypal, we also accept cash, certified checks and wire transfers. For payment by certified check, we will ship out order as soon as we receive certified check.  For payment by wire transfer, we will ship out order as soon as we receive payment transfer confirmation from our bank institution. We also extend credit terms to government organizations, church group and educational institutions after payment history and credit have been established with us. Please contact our office for more information.

Note: if paying by a certified check, please contact us at 714.312.0088.   Back to Top


Return policy  


Glow With Us does not sell merchandise on approval.

Glow With Us does not accept returns on custom imprinted products. Once custom proofs have been approved and products have been customized we cannot accept return or cancellation of order. 

Original New, Unopened Items: All custom imprinted products are NOT returnable once the proofs have been approved and products have been customized. Due to the fragile nature of products, all glow necklaces and glow bracelets are NOT returnable. Original new, unopened products, except custom imprinted products, glow necklaces and glow bracelets, returned in their original packaging within 10 days of delivery will be issued a refund after deducting a 25% restocking fee, provided the returned products have not been opened, activated or used and are still in sellable condition. Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. The initial shipping cost from Glow With Us to the customer is not refundable. Please contact us for return instructions before sending back the package. 

Please note if you received FREE SHIPPING on your order and if you would like to return the original new, unopened items per the conditions above, you will also be responsible for paying the original shipping cost for shipping the order to you. 

Please also note if you received FREE glow bracelets on your order and if you would like to return the original new, unopened items per the conditions above, the FREE glow bracelets will not be returnable if they have been opened as we would not be able to resell them. Any unreturned FREE glow bracelets will be charged at $14.5/tube of 100 FREE glow bracelets. Only unopened tubes of glow bracelets can be returned.

Defective Items: If Items found to be defective due to manufacturer defect, please contact us immediately. In such cases, a return authorization will be issued. Replacements for defective merchandise will be shipped only upon inspection of the items claimed to be defective. Defective items must be received within 10 days of delivery.

Damaged Items: Glow products are fragile in nature. We pack our products very carefully to avoid breakage. When you receive your package, please check your order as soon as possible. Damaged shipments are to be reported to Glow With Us immediately. We will work with UPS to try to resolve the issue.   Back to Top


What to do if coming into contact with Glow Sticks Fluids?

With normal usage this is not an issue, but if you happen to puncture the outer tube and get into contact with the fluids:

  • Skin / Body - Flush contacted area with cool water;

  • Eyes - Contact may cause temporary discomfort, flush with fresh cool water for 20 minutes; 

  • Carpeting / Clothing - Allow adequate soaking and wash in warm soapy water. If stain remains dry cleaning is advised.   Back to Top


Are glow products safe?    


Yes, all of our glow products are safe.  The chemical contents are non-toxic and non-flammable. All our glow products should not be cut open, ruptured or bent excessively. Contents inside may stain clothes and furniture. Some of our products contain small parts, such as connectors for sticks, bracelets and necklaces, are not recommended for children under 3. Adult supervision is recommended for children under 5. All of our glow products are intended for external use only and are not to be consumed or ingested. The activated liquid even though non-toxic may contain tiny shards of glass which may cause injury should the light stick be punctured or split open. DO NOT cut open or puncture glow products. DO NOT drink contents.   Back to Top


How do glow sticks work?   

In a nutshell, glow sticks use chemical reactions to emit light. Noticing unlike most light emitting sources such as light bulbs, matches or candles, glow sticks do not seem to generate heat while emitting light. That’s why the chemical reaction is called a chemiluminescent reaction, which basically means a chemical reaction that emits light with limited amount of heat generated.   Back to Top


What are the chemicals that make glow sticks?

Glow sticks are made of two parts of chemicals which when mixed together create a chemical reaction that emits light.

4 g Sodium Carbonate
0.2 g Luminol
0.5 g Ammonium Carbonate
0.4 g Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
approx. 1 litre of Distilled Water
50 ml of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide   Back to Top


How does the glow sticks chemical reaction take place?

There are (4) components to typical glow sticks. The first is the plastic outer casing that holds everything together. The second is the fluid that you can see moving around in the plastic outer casing. The third is the glass capsule which floats freely in the fluid (second component), and the fourth is the fluid contained inside the glass capsule. Now that your aware of the (4) components that make up glow sticks you will learn how to activate one.

To make glow sticks 'glow' you must bend the outer plastic casing enough such that the inner glass capsule breaks. Once it breaks the fluid inside the glass capsule comes out and mixes with the fluid outside the capsule, thus the chemical reaction that makes glow sticks 'glow' ensues.

Typical glow sticks use a hydrogen peroxide solution (which is called the "activator"), a solution of phenyl oxalate ester and a fluorescent dye (which makes the color). The activator is stored in the glass capsule described above. When the glass capsule is broken by bending a glow stick the activator is released, and mixing the components (shaking the glow stick) initiates the reaction. Depending on chemicals used, the chemical reaction can last (glow sticks can glow) from a few minutes to many hours. Heating the glow sticks will speed up the reaction, which will result in brighter light but will shorten the glowing time. Cooling the glow sticks slows down the reaction, which will dim the light, but with a longer glowing time.   Back to Top  

How to select glow product sellers?   

When it comes to glow products, there are a few more things one might want to consider in addition to price:

  • Quality: are the products going to glow as brightly as they are supposed to be? At Glow With Us®, we only carry premium quality products.

  • Shelf Life: How long have the products being on the shelf? Most glow products have a shelf life of one to two years. Here we only sell fresh made products.

  • Packing: How is the seller properly packing the products so that they don’t get activated in transit? Here we are very experienced in packing glow products. 

  • Insurance: Are the products insured for shipping? What happens if the products get damaged in transit? Are the sellers going to refund you? All our orders are insured with UPS.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed?: If you are not satisfied with their products, can you return them to the seller and receive a refund? Even if they can how long will it take for them to process your request for return and refund? We will work with you immediately under those situations.   Back to Top 


Do you have any suggestions in handling glow products?

Yes. Due to the fragile nature of glow products, the following precautions should always be applied when handling glow products:

1. Keep glow products in original container until usage;
2. Do not remove connectors from containers so that glow necklaces or bracelets can slide (and get activated) in container;
3. Carefully press plastic lids when putting them back to tube containers;
4. Handle with care. Do not drop, break or impact glow products such that they would be accidentally activated to glow.   Back to Top


What about the quality of Glow With Us® products? Do you sell old products?

All Glow With Us® products are freshly made from our reliable manufacturer with premium quality. We do not buy, carry or sell old products.   Back to Top


Terms & Conditions of Our Products & Website

By accessing or using this site, or by placing an order (either via online order, telephone, fax, email, mail-in or any other kind) and receiving merchandise from this site, you agree to our terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. You accessing or using this site, or by placing an order (either via online order, telephone, fax, email, mail-in or any other kind) and receiving merchandise from this site indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions, do not use our website or place an order with Glow With Us. Glow With Us reserves the right at any time to modify, alter or update at any time these terms and conditions and you agree to be bound by any such modification, alteration or update, without prior notice. 

Glow With Us makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied of the products we sell and disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability for any particular purpose.

Glow With Us shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, losses, expenses, or injuries arising from the use, misuse or inability to use the products we sell for any purpose whatsoever. By accessing or using this site, or by placing an order (via online order, telephone, fax, email, or mail-in) and receiving merchandise from this site, you hereby waive any and all claims against the company and its parents, affiliates, officers, or employees arising out of your use of the web site and our products thereon. 

Please visit the following page for our complete Terms & Conditions of Our Products & Website.   Back to Top



Glow With Us® and the names of Glow With Us® products and services referenced herein, including but not limited to, this website, text, logos, images, pictures, graphics, software and all other content contained herein and the selection, arrangement and compilation of all such information are exclusively owned by Glow With Us® and may not be used without our express written permission.   Back to Top

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