Hot New Year’s Eve Item: LED Foam Sticks with New Imprint!

Posted in Glow With Us, LED Novelties on November 19, 2013

LED foam light sticks are one of the hottest and most fun party favor you can find! Turn up the fun at the New Year’s Eve bash, New Year parade, concerts and any celebration. They are soft foam batons with three high-powered LED lights at the base to illuminate the 16-inch foam wand and create [...]

What Is Dragon Boat Festival and What Kind of Festival Is It?

Posted in Dragon Boat Festival on June 17, 2013

Dragon Boat Festival is also called Double Fifth Festival that’s celebrated in East and South Asia such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, etc. It is a traditional festival to remember a Chinese poet named Ju Quan. The festival’s wish is also to provide protection from diseases for the rest of the year. Many fun activities [...]

What Are Glow In The Dark Balloons And How Do They Work?

Posted in glow in the dark balloons, glow sticks balloons on January 30, 2013

So what are glow in the dark balloons? In a nutshell, glow in the dark balloons are regular latex balloons with LED lights built in so that with the lights turned on, the balloons will glow in the dark. Let’s see how they are made. First, these are the regular latex balloons you can get [...]

Glow Sticks Products Are Still The Top 1 Choice For Low Cost Party Supplies

Posted in Glow Sticks Facts, LED Novelties on January 21, 2013

Glow sticks have been invented for nearly 5 decades now. In the past 50 years, with the development of new technology, many new products have come out. But still glow products are the #1 choice for low cost party supplies for the following reasons: 1. The cost is low. It just makes economical sense. Glow [...]

Use Novelty Light Up Glasses To Stir Up Home Party Or Business Event

Posted in Light Up Glasses on September 13, 2012

If you are planning to serve drinks at your home party or business event, you would love some glassware that are functional and if they are entertaining at the same time, that would superb.  There are a series of light up glasses including light up wine glasses, martini glasses, flashing cola cups, pilsners, shot glasses etc. [...]

Cool Light Up Centerpieces Are Great For Interior Decorating

Posted in light up centerpiece on September 6, 2012

There are many light up products these days. Out of all, light up centerpiece is one of the most popular LED decorative items.  The product was invented more than a decade ago and has become more popular as they are used more at all sorts of night events.  They light up dinner tables for banquets [...]

A Breakdown of Glow With Us’ Glow Products

Posted in glow products, Glow With Us on August 30, 2012

Starting from an online party store that carry only chemical glow products, today Glow With Us’ product variety has expanded to all light up party supplies as well as custom imprint service so we can meet the need of any customer need for glow products and LED party supplies.  The following is a breakdown of [...]

What Light Up Products Vendors Sell Fast?

Posted in Light Up Glasses, light up products on August 29, 2012

Vendors of light up products usually sell their products at site out of a booth or a moving vending cart.  They only have a limited period of time for selling, which is the night time of the event, so they choose products that will go fast to maximize revenue.  What glow and flashing light up [...]

What Size Glow Sticks Has the Best Value?

Posted in glow sticks on August 28, 2012

In the market, one can easily find glow sticks of an array of length and width and for new users; they may wonder what size brings the best value.  The most used sizes for glow sticks are 6” and 4”.  The longer ones are brighter simply because they hold more chemical liquid whose reaction creates [...]

Why You Need Glow Necklaces with Connectors Pre-attached for Vending?

Posted in Glow Necklaces, necklaces on August 27, 2012

Vendors of glow in the dark products mostly start to sell them when the sun sets down, as during the day, the glow is not even visible and there is no much fun for the products.  Vendors sell glow necklaces at shows, fairs, carnivals etc. where there is a crowd and the booth or cart [...]