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  8" Solid Color Glow Bracelets 

22 Inch Solid Color Glow Bracelets

    8" Solid Color
    Glow Bracelets

          BB 301

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  GlowStick Bracelets - Glowing Bracelets


Our 8" solid color glow bracelets, also call glowstick bracelets come in (8) different colors: red, pink, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange and white. Excellent choice for school events with school colors or other special events with theme colors. Glowstick bracelets are also known as glowing bracelets. There are many fun ways to use them. For example, connecting (3) glowing bracelets together, you have a glowing necklace. An 8" glowing bracelet can also be used as replacement glowstick for our glow novelty items. You can replace glowsticks on glow glasses and glow bunny ears with 8" glowing bracelets.  

  Product Dimensions   Length: 8 inches (203 mm)
  Diameter: 3/16 inch (5 mm)

  Available Colors

  Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange & Yellow


  100 bracelets/tube, 25 tubes/case, 2500 bracelets/case 
  Each glow bracelet comes with a connector

  Glowing Duration

  At least 6-8 hrs

  Shelf Life

  1 year


Bend glowing bracelet the entire length just enough to break the inner glass tube. Shake to mix chemicals well for full glow. Use the connector included to connect two ends of the glowing bracelet to make a circle. 

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