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A Breakdown of Glow With Us’ Glow Products

Starting from an online party store that carry only chemical glow products, today Glow With Us’ product variety has expanded to all light up party supplies as well as custom imprint service so we can meet the need of any customer need for glow products and LED party supplies.  The following is a breakdown of [...]

The Safety of Glow Sticks Products Supplied by

Glow sticks were first created for military use in the 1960’s but soon millions have been used each year for entertainment and recreational uses.  The safety of glow sticks is our top priority at Glow With Us. If they are not safe, they would not be around for so many years and are still popular [...]

How to Create Your Own Custom Imprint Products with Glow With Us

Promotional products are effective marketing tool favored by businesses. People often receive freebies with the logos or trade names of businesses imprinted given away at trade shows, events, or even through mail.  Glow With Us not only carry blank glow sticks and light up products but also provide custom imprinting services by imprinting logos on [...]

Glow With Us Provides Light up Inventory for All Occasions

Over the years of operating in the light up party supplies industry, Glow With Us has been constantly adding new products to their inventory to supply to various occasions for customers.  The Company supplies a diversified inventory from glow sticks, glow necklaces, to LED rings, necklaces, headwear, swords, wands, guns, glasses and decorations. These products [...]