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What Size Glow Sticks Has the Best Value?

In the market, one can easily find glow sticks of an array of length and width and for new users; they may wonder what size brings the best value.  The most used sizes for glow sticks are 6” and 4”.  The longer ones are brighter simply because they hold more chemical liquid whose reaction creates [...]

Free Glow Sticks Given To Kids Made Trick-Or-Treat Safer This Halloween

In recent news, local police department and Halloween stores are teaming up to provide free glow sticks to kids during trick-or-treat hours. One of the safety tips from the local police department is to wear glow sticks or hold a flashlight for trick-or-treat for you to be seen better. Walking in the dark and [...]

Campgrounds And Resident Camps Introduce Glow Sticks And Flashing Toys To Campers

Many campgrounds and resident camps in the US and Canada have now started introducing glow sticks and flashing toys to their campers. Although glow sticks are not seem to be critical for a camping trip, they will make a big difference.  Imagine colorful glow bracelets get lit and used to pay ring toss games and [...]

Glow Sticks Are Used Throughout the World for Entertainment

Glow sticks are party items not to be missed.  They get people into the exciting party mood and bring entertainment with an easy snap that brings out the fantastic glow lights. They are simple, convenient and light up the fun for the night. Everyone would want one to wear or hold to twirl in the [...]