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Campgrounds And Resident Camps Introduce Glow Sticks And Flashing Toys To Campers

Many campgrounds and resident camps in the US and Canada have now started introducing glow sticks and flashing toys to their campers. Although glow sticks are not seem to be critical for a camping trip, they will make a big difference.  Imagine colorful glow bracelets get lit and used to pay ring toss games and [...]

The New LED Wristbands Come in Greater Design Variety

Glow wristbands are essentially an extension of glow bracelets. They are made of a number of bracelets put together, typically three. With the three bracelets cased in a plastic casing, a glow wristband is made…

Fun Birthday Party & School Events Gadgets – Glow Sticks & Glow Bracelets

Having school night events such as social mixer, blackout or prom night? Glow sticks and glow bracelets are great party favors. They add so much fun to birthday parties…