Glow Sticks Products Are Still The Top 1 Choice For Low Cost Party Supplies

Posted in Glow Sticks Facts, LED Novelties on January 21, 2013

Glow sticks have been invented for nearly 5 decades now. In the past 50 years, with the development of new technology, many new products have come out. But still glow products are the #1 choice for low cost party supplies for the following reasons:

1. The cost is low. It just makes economical sense. Glow necklaces are less than 50 cents a piece, glow bracelets are less than 10 cents a piece. Almost all glow items are less than $1 a piece. Compared with other party products, glow products are much cheaper.

2. They are bright and they are fun. Humans, including adults, are always attracted to lights, even from a physiological point of view. And this attraction obviously is more shown among kids and teenagers. Even babies are very much attracted to lights; they are not old enough though to party with glow sticks, but they will later.

3. The time frame works. Most parties lasts less than 8 hours, and glow sticks are perfect for parties as they glow about 8 hours. When done, simply toss into trash. No hassle picking up or trying to organize them for the next party. Plus party products need to have a sense of novel feeling, meaning if you have partied with glow necklaces, glasses and mouth pieces this time, it wouldn’t be as exciting as it would if you knew you would be playing with the EXACT SAME GLOW STIKCS you played a few months back. Physiologically you would want something DIFFERENT. That’s why glow products are designed for one-time usage and by doing so obviously reduces the cost for making them.

LED flashing novelties, on other hand, are generally more expensive as most of them can be re-used. They use batteries so they can be turned on and off by pushing a button. Most of them have the capability of changing batteries once they run out so that’s another reason they are more costly. But the lights they give out are a lot brighter, and they have quite a few unique flashing modes which can be set by pressing the same button that turns it on/off. Some of them even come with sound. And the sound and light are typically designed to be controlled separately so that one can just play with the lights or just the sound or together. Some LED products are even sound-activated.

Glow and LED products do go hand in hand with each other. Nowadays most glow in the dark parties will have both types present. Glow sticks products are very affordable so each person at the party will have one. LED blinking novelties will definitely spice up the party with multi-color lights and sounds.



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