Cool Light Up Centerpieces Are Great For Interior Decorating

Posted in light up centerpiece on September 6, 2012

There are many light up products these days. Out of all, light up centerpiece is one of the most popular LED decorative items.  The product was invented more than a decade ago and has become more popular as they are used more at all sorts of night events.  They light up dinner tables for banquets in an elegant style.  The most common design looks like a pom pom standing at a base.  The strands are made of fiber optics, and the LED lights are installed at the base.  The light protrudes through transparent fiber optic stands to make a pretty centerpiece to liven any dinner table.  You can use the centerpieces for tables for any party, banquet and they are great for weddings too.

With the strands, the light up centerpieces is approximately 12 inch tall.  There are three colors of LED lights at the base, i.e. red, green and blue.  The combination of any of these three basic colors of lights creates a new color such as pink, yellow, purple and orange. So when turned on with a slide of a switch, the centerpiece will change through a variety of colors automatically.  So the light is no steady but constantly change colors and is lively.  The colors will change smoothly so there won’t be a moment without light.

The base of the centerpiece comes in different shapes like cubes, UFOs and cones. Besides the common pom pom shape light up centerpieces, there are also Christmas tree shape ones for Christmas and there are also solid color centerpieces like pink, green, blue etc. just for certain themed events and to match holiday colors.

Another product called fiber optic wands are popular party favor these days. They made out of the same fiber optic strands that make up the centerpieces. Fiber optic wands are mostly for concerts as audience can wave the lighted up wands in the air. LED centerpiece is mostly for interior decoration. Yet they can also be used for exterior parties and events such as in the summer time. Each party table will have one centerpiece in the middle of the table. At corporate Christmas parties, light up centerpieces are widely used to with products such as LED ice cubes, martini glasses to create amazing lights combinations.

Other type of light up products that can be used are the light up balloons. They come in assorted colors and multi-colors. And they are about 12″ in diameter once blown up and are great for decoration.

The light up centerpieces need just a little assembly as the fiber optic strands are separate from the base when they come to reduce shipping space. You just need to insert the strands into the base. The batteries can be replaced easily by opening up the socket at the base and the centerpieces can be reused repetitively.

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